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Monika Crantz was a woman who went missing from Ratzeburg, Germany on January 6, 1999.


Monika was a successful entrepreneur. Through fitness and tanning studios she brought it to a considerable fortune.

Almost nothing is known about her disappearance, only that she vanished from her house.

In 2000, her husband Hartmut was convicted of murder in a circumstantial trial - according to the court, he was heavily dependent on her financially and had murdered her out of greed and to avoid an impending divorce. This verdict was confirmed in 2003, after an appeal. Two days later, the husband hanged himself in prison.

In September 2018, bones were found in a wooded area. Despite great hope that they could be the remains of Monika, DNA tests confirmed that they were not bones of Monika. She remains missing to this day, but was declared dead in 2004.