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Melissa Lee Brannen was a girl who was kidnapped at a Christmas party on December 3, 1989. A conviction for the abduction was made, yet it was not possible to bring forward a charge of murder since her remains were never located and she could not be proven to be deceased. Melissa is believed to have been murdered, although her mother remains hopeful. Brannen's latest age progression depicts her at 21.


  • Light brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Has a burn scar on right forearm.


  • Pink hooded jacket.
  • Navy blue acrylic JCPenney sweater with red and blue plaid sleeves, navy blue cuffs and the Sesame Street character Big Bird on the front of it.
  • Red and blue plaid cotton skirt.
  • Red tights.
  • Black patent leather shoes with gold bows.


  • Melissa's case was shown on an episode of The FBI Files.
  • She was briefly shown on an episode of The New Detectives when the process of age progression was depicted in the LSU FACES lab.
  • Forensic Files also covered the case.