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Here on the International Missing Persons Wiki, we value the extensive contributions by our variety of diverse editors. Here, members of the site can nominate a case close to them for "featured" status, which indicates the importance of the article's subject to our website.

See our current list of featured cases here.

Definition of a "Featured Case"

A featured case can have two major reasons for nomination. The first is for its popularity in the media or legacy it has left.

A second factor is the content of the article. A case may not be as well known to the public, yet the quality of writing and the amount of work put into the page is worth recognizing.

Cases with a featured status will have a star symbol next to their name in the infobox portion of their entry.


For those participating in the nomination process or the discussion following, some steps must be taken.

  • To nominate a case, add a new section to this page detailing the case title (with a link), giving a short description, and why it was nominated.
  • Users are to respond with "support," "neutral," or "oppose" in bold, followed by their reason for such a decision.
    • In order to be selected, a case must have at least three "support" votes.
      • The votes supporting the nomination must outnumber the opposition votes.
      • At least one administrator is required to voice support for a nomination to be selected.
  • All comments must be civil and appropriate. Failure to do so may result in a temporary block.
  • Decisions should be made by means other than emotional; as we need to avoid a bias of this type.
  • Cases that have issues with formatting, copy and pasting from other sources, or otherwise very short are ineligible for nomination until such concerns are adjusted.
  • Please link to your user page (ex: [[User:Example|Example]]) at the end of your comment to identify yourself as the voter.


Jennifer Kesse

Jennifer Kesse was a young woman who vanished from Florida in 2006. This has been a hotly sought after case ever since it happened, similar to Maura Murray, especially for the reason that we have three stills of the main person of interest in the case, but all of them happened to have his face obscured due to the type of surveillance camera that was being used. There are various theories as to her disappearance as well. (Nominated by SergeIvanov13)

  • Support - A well known missing persons case with lots of press coverage that continues to be popular in the media as well as the online community. - Hoshiiiii
  • Support -This case is quite famous, and remains relevant to this day. It is continually investigated, and is definitely a notable case. - Soren2004
  • Support - I agree with all of the reasons above. This case has received widespread attention and Jennifer's parents still periodically release updates on her case. Due to its notability, I believe this case should be featured. - Confetti 158

Morgan Nick

Morgan Nick was a young girl who vanished from Arkansas in 1995. Her case has been widely covered by the media and her mother created the Morgan Nick Foundation, and I believe the AMBER alert system in Arkansas is named after Morgan. Due to the popularity of her case and how it has impacted the community, I believe she should be considered as a featured case (Nominated by Hoshiiiii)

  • Support - This case had a large impact, and the foundation has really helped raise awareness for cases like this. Since Morgan's case has made such an impact and difference, I believe it should be featured. - Confetti 158

Maura Murray

Maura Murray was a college student who disappeared from the scene of a car accident in 2004. Maura’s case received a lot of press coverage, and has appeared in several television programs and has been discussed in many podcasts. Her case is very detailed, and is constantly being investigated. Given how notable the case is, I think it would make a good featured case. (Nominated by Soren2004)

  • Support - Maura's case is very very famous. It has appeared so much in the media and online, and the case is constantly being researched. The article is very detailed, and I believe it deserves a feature. - Confetti 158

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