International Missing Persons Wiki

This page summarizes major developments being processed with missing individuals.

Please note: Cases taking place less than six months before the present day are automatically listed.

October 2019

Cayce McDaniel

Cayce McDaniel, 14, disappeared under suspicious circumstances in 1996. In October 2019, a suspect was charged with her murder.

July 2020

Denise Pflum

A woman who vanished under suspicious circumstances after leaving her parent's house in Collinsville, Indiana. On July 9, 2020, her ex-boyfriend was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible

Two teenagers who went missing from Welch, Oklahoma in 1999. In July 2020, it was announced that the suspect in their case had reached a plea deal with prosecutors and would help in the recovery of their remains.

September 2020

Brianna Maitland

A teenager who vanished under suspicious circumstances in Montgomery, Vermont in 2004. In September 2020, it was announced that Othram Inc had partnered with the Vermont State Police to re-examine evidence.

December 2020

Felicia Teo

A young woman last seen leaving her apartment to go out with friends in Singapore in 2007. In December 2020, on of her friends was charged with her murder.

Michaela Garecht

A pre-teen who was abducted from Hayward, California in 1988. On December 23, 2020, the Hayward Police Department announced they had charged a man who was already in police custody with Michaela's kidnapping and murder.

Unique Harris

A young mother of three who was last seen at her apartment in Washington, D.C. in 2010. In December 2020, a man was arrested and charged with her murder.

April 2021

Kristin Smart

Kristin Smart was a young woman who disappeared from the Cal Poly campus in 1996. After developments in the case were reported on in late January 2020, it was revealed that investigators had taken possession of two vehicles that are related to Kristin's disappearance. In April 2021, Paul Flores and his father were arrested in connection with her murder.

July 2021

Deanie Peters

A teenager who disappeared from Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 5, 1981. On July 2, a man was charged with perjury and obstructing and resisting police in regards to her case.

Ben Needham

An English baby who disappeared while staying with his grandparents in Greece. In July 2021, three new witness accounts reported an English speaking child around Ben’s age was found around 600 miles from where he went missing. Police are currently investigating.

October 2021

Olisa Williams

An infant who went missing in 1982 from Ann Arbor, Michigan. In October 2021, her father was charged with her murder and is currently awaiting trial.

November 2021

William Tyrrell

A toddler who went missing from his grandparent's house in Kendall, New South Wales, Australia in 2011. On November 17, police began investigating the theory of a possibly fall, and pointed to his foster mother and foster grandmother as persons of interest in his case.

January 2022

Andrew Gosden

A teenager who went missing after taking a train to London, England in 2007. In January 2022, it was announced that two men had been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and trafficking, however they have since been released under investigation.