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Individuals who have been missing for at least six months prior to the current date are eligible for listing. Exceptions include those receiving significant media attention or by request of law enforcement.

Content warnings

This Wiki contains content that is not suitable for everyone. Please use content warnings for articles that contain any of these topics:

  • {{Graphic}} = For mentions of any physical or sexual violence.
  • {{Drug use warning}} = For mentions of any substance abuse, illegal or not.
  • {{Suicide warning}} = For mentions of suicide.


The following infoboxes can be used in source mode.

Missing person

{{Missing Infobox
| image 1=File:LIVING PHOTOGRAPH.jpg
| image 2=File:MOST RECENT AGE PROGRESSION.jpg (leave blank if no age progression has been created.)
| disappeared=Date of disappearance. Month/Day/Year if in the United States. Day/Month/Year if from a country that uses a different format (such as England)
| missing_for={{age|YYYY|MM|DD}}
| location=Town/city followed by the state/province
| age=Age of individual when they were last seen
| age_now={{age now|YYYY|MM|DD}} (list person's birth date, if known. Leave blank if unknown.)
| race=Individual's race or ethnicity
| sex=Individual's sex (please specify if the person's gender is different than their sex or is unknown.)
| height=Individual's height
| weight= Individual's weight
| classification=Classification of disappearance, if applicable.

Article naming

Article's should just be the person's given name and surname, but middle names can be included if:

  • They are commonly referred to with their middle name, such as Mary Jean Kreiser.
  • They go by their middle name.
  • There is multiple missing people with the same or similar names.

If the person has any nickname, please use their nickname our of respect for the individual. This also applies if the person is transgender.


Bullet lists should detail the appearance of a missing person.


Information listing the physical or mental traits of somebody. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Basic details such as body build, eye color, hair color, and skin complexion.
  • Markings such as moles, piercings, scars, skin discolorations, and tattoos.
  • Unusual traits such as being left handed.
  • Injuries or disabilities such as broken bones, illnesses, medication or drug dependencies, mobility issues, etc. This includes any mental illnesses or disabilities.

Clothing and belongings/accessories

Information listing any clothing, personal belongings, or accessories that somebody had at the time of their disappearance. If a missing person's clothing is unknown but has any belongings with them, you can remove the "clothing" part of the section title. This also applies if any accessories or belongings are unknown.


To provide links to websites that profile certain cases, some templates have been created to make the process easier. Websites such as news reports don't have templates. If you wish to include some in the article, make sure to add them on a bulleted list underneath a header titled "Sources" at the bottom of a page. Names of news agencies are to be italicized, as are books and television/film programs.

  • {{NCMEC|CASE NUMBER HERE|Article title}}
  • {{NamUs|CASE NUMBER HERE|Article title}}
  • {{Doe Network|CASE NUMBER (LOWER CASE) FOLLOWED BY .html|Article title}}
  • {{Doe Network INT|CASE NUMBER (LOWER CASE) FOLLOWED BY .html|Article title}}
  • {{Wikipedia|ARTICLE_TITLE|Article title}}
  • {{Charley Project|first name-middle name(if applicable)-last name}}
  • {{NCMPUR|CASE NUMBER|Article title}}