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Gwendolyn Mae Clemons was a young woman who went missing from Missouri in 1982.

Identification of Alisha Heinrich[]


Clemons with her daughter, Alisha

In December 2020, it was revealed that she was the mother of Alisha Heinrich, formerly known as "Delta Dawn," a girl found murdered in Mississippi shortly after Clemons went missing. It was discovered that Clemons left Missouri with her daughter and an unnamed boyfriend, who is now deceased but is considered either a suspect or person of interest in their case. Clemons and Heinrich were possibly seen alive near the Alabama/Mississippi border on December 3, 1982, two days before Heinrich's body was found.

Alisha Heinrich was not identified until around September or October of 2020. Clemons was not reported missing until her daughter was identified.


  • Strawberry blonde hair.
  • Hazel eyes.