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Diane Genice Dye was a teenage girl who had run away from her home in San Jose, California in 1979. She is listed as missing under suspicious circumstances. Despite this, there is a possibility she was seen at a grocery store in 2016. Diane's latest age progression is depicted to 46 years old.


Dye ran away from home in 1979 during the period her parents were divorcing. She was seen at a shopping mall in late December 1981 by a friend, who was reportedly told by Diane that she didn't intend to go home and didn't want anyone to know where she was. After that encounter, there were sightings of her later in the 80s but they eventually stopped, suggesting that Diane had met her fate.

Princess Doe

After the discovery of Princess Doe in 1982, there was renewed interest in Dye's disappearance. Many believed the victim was Dye, including a few members of the police force. After DNA testing, along with inconsistencies between both of the girls’ dental records, it was proven that Princess Doe was not Diane Dye.

Family members of Dye have opined that the digital age progression created circa 2011 bears less of a resemblance of the subject, endorsing a sketch based heavily on a living photograph as a more potentially accurate approximation. Dye was described to resemble her now-deceased mother.

Possible resurfacing

Diane's sister reported on the Facebook page for Diane to have seen a woman strongly resembling Diane in June 2016 at a grocery store. The subject appeared to be impoverished and quickly left the scene after making eye contact with Diane's sister.

No further contact was made with the unknown woman.