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D'Wan Christian Sims was a child who vanished in 1994. Police do not believe his mother's version of the events surrounding his disappearance.


According to D'Wan's mother, D'Wanna Harris, he was last seen at the Wonderland Mall in Livonia, Michigan on December 11, 1994. She said they had been walking along the corridor between a Target store and the main mall area when D'Wan suddenly vanished at approximately 2:30 P.M. However, CCTV footage does not show D'Wan at the mall that day. Witnesses could not recall seeing D'Wan but they did remember D'Wanna arriving alone at 3:30 P.M. Authorities have stated that they do not believe D'Wanna's version of the events surrounding her sons disappearance.

D'Wanna took two polygraph tests shortly after D'Wan's disappearance and failed both. D'Wan's father also took a polygraph test, which he passed. He is not considered a suspect in his sons case. D'Wanna has always maintained her innocence in D'Wan's case and in 1995 she said she was in therapy to deal with his disappearance. D'Wanna passed away in 2020.

There was speculation that D'Wan was Dennis, an unidentified decedent from Georgia. D'Wan was ruled out as the decedent in 2003.

There have been numerous leads in D'Wan's case, but none have produced any evidence. His case remains unsolved.


  • Black hair.
  • Brown eyes.

Clothing and accessories

  • A blue hooded three-quarter length winter jacket.
  • A yellow, blue and green windbreaker.
  • Dark blue sweatpants.
  • Low top FLIA sneakers.