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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers, such as excessive violence or sexual assault/abuse. Discretion is advised.

Alexia Anne Reale was a girl who went missing in 1997. Her mother and stepfather have been convicted of her murder.

Her age progression shows her progressed to age 9.


According to Alexia's sister, their mother and stepfather used methamphetamine and regularly abused the children. Believing the siblings were possessed by demons, they forced them to drink bleach. After doing this for eight days, Alexia passed away in their home on June 1st. Her remains were then dismembered and burned in the family's fireplace, and what remained of her body was dumped in the Sacramento River.

Her mother and stepfather were convicted of her murder in 2000, receiving 15 years to life and 40 years to life respectively.